TalTech iOS App

The App

TalTech app is the official app for TalTech students, staff, and visitors. It provides access to latest information and campus indoor navigation services anytime on your mobile device.

TalTech app provides users with:

  • Campus map with indoor plans
  • Daily menus of campus cafeterias’
  • Indoor navigation
  • News and events feed
  • Academic calendar
  • Checklist for incoming students
  • Public transportation timetables
  • Contacts
  • ..and many more features.

My Contribution

I worked in this project little bit over than 1.5 years, from March 2019 until October 2020. I developed the app from scratch. Additionally, I was deciding all the frameworks and the libraries that will go into the application and working side by side with the backend team for all the necessary integrations. Moreover, I improved my design skills in TalTech and create the initiative to change the designs of the application. Besides these, I was responsible for the app stack, stability analytics and releases and I was maintaining and supporting both iOS and Android applications

Statistics and Keywords

Total Download (Global): <5k

Keywords: Swift 5, MVC, Firebase, Codable, Auto Layout, UserDefaults, Generics, Google Maps, Indoor Atlas, Crashlytics, Microsoft Authentication Library, Microsoft Graph API, WebKit, Clean Code, Git, GitLab